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Surrogacy Process Overview

Gestational surrogacy involves contracting with a woman to carry a baby to term which is then relinquished as soon as possible after birth to the intended parent(s). Usually 1 to 2 embryos are transferred into the uterus. Ultra sound confirmation of a viable embryo confirms the pregnancy. Monthly payments to the Surrogate begins at this Ultra sound date and every 4 weeks thereafter.

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+ Pre- Application (You MUST fill this out first)

+ Surrogacy Application

+ Compensation

+ What to Expect as an Intended Parent

+ Surrogate's FAQ

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+ Outline of Surrogate Parenting Process

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Surrogacy Process Overview

Step One – Complete Pre Application & Application Process

• Click on Pre Application to learn if you meet requirements to be a gestational surrogate carrier.

• Once we email you that you have met the requirements, confirm you e-mail address and complete the Surrogate application.

• Phone consultation with Jackie Gorton, nurse attorney (JGNA) to review your history, answer any questions you may have.

• Sign Medical release so we can obtain your prior delivery records.

• Review of health history.

• Review of medical and life insurance coverage.

• Clear background check.

• Psychological Evaluation

Step Two – The Matching Process (Once you have passed all reviews and evaluations of Step One)

• Intended Parents inform JGNA that they are interested in your availability as a surrogate carrier.

• JGNA completes consultation with Intended Parents, either by phone are in person.

• JGNA will set up and facilitate a meeting between Intended Parents and you.

• Intended Parents & you will confirm that you both want to proceed STEP


• You and your partner/husband will complete medical screening at selected fertility clinic.

• Intended Parents complete medical screening.

Step Four – Legal Representation (After all parties pass medical screening).

• An Attorney will represent you to go over the terms of the Gestational Surrogacy Contract. A separate attorney will represent the Intended Parents and the contract will be finalized through the work of these attorneys.

• JGNA will send proof of contract and maternity care coverage to fertility clinic as required by fertility clinic before Surrogate will be allowed to start medications.

• Early in the second trimester, The Intended Parents’ attorney will initiate the Pre-Birth Parentage Order so that the Intended Parents, names are written on the birth certificate.

Step Five – Fertility Clinic Procedures

• You and Egg Donor, if any, will be taught how to prepare and administer medication by fertility clinic nurse.

• The Fertility Clinic nurse will work out a calendar of your schedule of medications and appointments.

• The transfer date will based on the date that your uterine lining is at the proper thickness and date that the embryos are ready for transfer.

• You will have a blood pregnancy test at a local lab near you and if positive, you will have an ultra sound confirming that you’re PREGNANT!

Step Six - JGNA Will Follow UP

• JGNA will be contact with you and the Intended Parents to be sure that you transfer to the OB of your choice, that you are receiving your payments on time and that your surrogacy experience is proceeding smoothly.


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Facilitation and Follow Up:

Ms. Gorton works with all clients on a highly individual basis. Ms. Gorton refers the surrogate candidate to the treating physician. She also refers the intended parents to an insurance broker that will procure health and life insurance coverage for the surrogate.

As surrogacy often brings up numerous psychological issues for the intended parent(s) and surrogate, Ms. Gorton's office requires surrogates to have monthly phone contact with experienced fertility therapists. Ms. Gorton also requires the intended parent(s) to complete a psychological evaluation and if an emotionally charged issue cannot be resolved the parties are referred to a therapist.

In addition, Ms. Gorton draws upon her background in psychiatric nursing to help intended parent(s) and surrogates cope with some of the challenges of surrogate parenting.

Follow-up services include maintenance of adequate funding in escrow accounts, bi-monthly mailing of accounting statements, consultations and updates with the surrogate, intended parent(s), therapist and the treating medical staff if necessary.

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