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Letter to Recipient Parents

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For you Recipient Parents,

Welcome to the online office of Jackie Gorton, Nurse Attorney Inc.! Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the donor selection and cycle co-ordination process. We realize how emotionally and financially trying the donor egg fertility option can be. Therefore, we become very familiar with your unique circumstances so that we can help you select an appropriate donor and facilitate the cycle co-ordination.

When you first learn that the only way that you can have a pregnancy is with an egg donor, you will need to give yourself time to mourn the loss of your own genetic child. It is natural for you to grieve and you will experience a range of emotions including denial, depression, anger, bargaining and finally acceptance. If you do not allow yourself time to grieve, you probably will not find a suitable donor. Your fertility physician, Resolve or our office can refer you to support groups and therapists who can help you work through your grief.

Listen to your instincts, your feelings, when you begin your search for that special donor. Often Recipients intellectualize the donor selection process by listing criteria for their donor before they even begin viewing donor photos and profiles. We recommend that you first review profiles, and if you are attracted to a certain donor listen to your heart to see if she feels “right.” In our experience, we have learned that couples are most satisfied with a donor when they have something in common with her; whether it’s the same birthday, similar colorings, same ancestry or she looks just like their sister. Many Recipients have told us that finding the right donor is like finding a trustworthy friend, once they have found her, they just knew.

When you are ready, we are here to help you begin your donor cycle co-ordination. You can call our office at (415) 485-1969 so that we can discuss your questions about proceeding with a donor cycle. We can consult with you either at our office, or over the phone to discuss how our agency operates. Over the years we have shared the excitement of assisting hundreds of couples find that special donor. We look forward to your call to begin your search. We wish you hope and success in this journey to parenthood.

Best wishes,

Jackie Gorton

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